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About Jean-Claude and Asher:
- Jean-Claude and Asher are two characters from the Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter Series books. Their relationship is over 200 years old, beginning with them both being made by a vampire named Belle Morte. Asher and Jean-Claude had traveled together with Asher's human servant, Julianna. However, their relationship shattered when Julianna was burned at the stake with "witch" as her title and Asher had holy water poured over the right side of his body. Asher blames Jean-Claude for letting this happen, but Jean-Claude had not been able to save her, only Asher, as he was with his dying mother. Centuries later, Asher had come for revenge and petitioned that Anita be killed due to some of her past killings. Asher and Jean-Claude saw each other for the first time in 200 years. Slowly, their relationship began to rebuild and Asher stayed with Jean-Claude as a companion, lover, etc...

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